What Is All The ‘Buzz’ About Handheld Massage Devices?

All around the world people are experiencing the positive effects of handheld massage devices. Time to time you may even see your favorite professional athlete being treated or treating themselves with one of these devices in between timeouts or on the sideline. But what is all rave about? The truth is, these handheld devices are able to pack a big punch of relief and benefit with minimal time and effort, but the best part is that anyone can use it if trained properly.

How Does The Handheld Massage Device Work?

Most of us have seen or even experienced a masseuse karate chopping at a back or leg to help relieve pain and muscle tension. Are they kung-fu ninjas or is there a method to the madness? In this situation, the masseuse is utilizing a technique called tapotement. This type of massage technique may positively affect biomechanical, physiological, neurological, and psychological properties by promoting blood flow to the area, stimulating sensory receptors called mechanoreceptors, and/or breaking myofascial adhesions that are causing tightness or pain.

As we advance as a society through the use of technology, we find ways to work smarter and not harder. This is where these devices take off to new heights. Technology has allowed these handheld devices to utilize aspects of vibration and percussion (i.e. previously referred to as tapotement) to reach higher frequencies and amplitudes than ever before. This wonderful use of technology has led to more of us living a more functional life with less pain and stiffness without paying costly or recurrent masseuse bills!

How Can A Handheld Massage Device Benefit You?

The secret is out. These devices have the ability to help us easily recover and perform better than ever before. You can use it prior to going to the gym to warm-up your muscles or use it after exercise to help alleviate the soreness from a great workout. Rehab professionals across the country have also started including this as a “must-have” item in the clinic due to its high patient satisfaction and propensity to be safe and effective for the user and the benefactor. The positive effects seen in the rehabilitative world for example have included decreased muscular pain and soreness, increased recovery after musculoskeletal injury and improved range of motion and flexibility by breaking up myofascial adhesions that are restricting movement.

Don’t go another day if you have a condition that you think could benefit from this treatment or if you want more information on these handheld massage devices. At TruMotion Physical Therapy, we not only utilize these devices for patient care, we have also partnered with Hyperice as a retailer. Hyperice is the industry leader in handheld massage devices with their flagship device, the Hypervolt. Come in and see us or contact us at TruMotion Physical Therapy to have your questions answered and start moving better!

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